Houston :: Shreveport :: Little Rock :: Shreveport :: Houston

Just after noon.  And I’m in Little Rock, Arkansas.  New year’s day I was in Shreveport, Louisiana with Benji.  Working the Starving Artists deal again — 6th year now.  Hard to believe… I started doing this with Dell back in 2004.  We did it together 5 years and then he moved to Regina up in Canada.

Had the longest talk last night with Sam about love lost.  She is in serious pain; and I get the feeling I remind her of the reason for it sometimes.  Though she seems to be happy with me most times, her general mood seems to be a sad, melancholy one.  Her eyes show pain… makes me think of that song, “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.”

So… today, after I wrap this up and load the truck up, and go pick up Benji and load the truck up some more, we’ll head back to Houston: where I intend to start an LSAT intensive for this month — looking forward to it.  Maybe now I’ll feel like I have something of a direction in my life, no longer rudderless.

-Bayou C. Social


a Year like no other… glad it’s gone.

2009 was a year like no other; and frankly, I’m glad it’s gone.  I’m glad that I can look forward to another year.  One filled with promise and pregnant with possibility.  What a good time to stop and thank God for all he has done, and all he will do.

I’m looking forward to laying out my list of expectations for myself in this new year, as well as finishing my bucket list.

Tonight, I’m going to be working at the club but before, I am going several places with some friends.  We are starting at Coaches Pub downtown, then Maple Leaf Pub midtown, then BamBou in the Village for a bit to say hello to friends, then going to Venue Houston downtown, before ending the night in a hottub in the Woodlands… a hot tub for 16… Awesome.

=)  Happy New Year!!!